Turn ordinary skull mounts into something special with Skull Shine.

You’ve got your prized trophy deer skull mount hanging on the wall. But just think how good it would look with a little extra attention.

Skull Shine is all about changing an ordinary mount into something special by adding a skull display light. Whether it’s your child’s first deer or a monster buck, Skull Shine is a great way to add a new look, make a skull mount more decorative or create a conversation piece! They have been used in many guest rooms at lodges, bar rooms, man caves and kids love having their deer skull as a night light.

Skull Shine product image


Skull mount lighting by Skull Shine works with your existing European Skull Mount. The lights are placed inside the skull. It’s quite easy to install yourself, or we can work with your local taxidermist. We provide skull mount lighting for deer skull mounts, turkeys, and other game and we’re always adding new products.

Skull Shine product image

Highlight your European Skull Mount with a Skull Shine Light Kit.

A Skull Shine Light Kit is a skull display light that’s easy to install and works in both real and artificial skulls. Order direct and do-it-yourself, or have your local taxidermist give us a call. We ship nationwide and have many retailers.

A Skull Shine Light Kit is the perfect gift for the outdoor enthusiast in your life.