Licking Branch


Keep monster whitetails where they belong, on your hunting land!

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The patent pending, proven Ultimate Licking Branch is easily attached to a tree branch and is 24 inches long (so it can be adjusted and hung at the required heights). It’s designed with a bendable gripping rubber that makes an almost unbreakable grip on the tree branch and makes it last for years. The materials used are proven to absorb scents longer and are more desirable to deer than a natural licking branch. The more Ultimate Licking Branches you put out, the better your odds are of you getting that trophy buck on his feet during daylight hours to check the Ultimate Licking Branches as to leave his scent on them and also to see what other bucks are invading his territory. The Ultimate Licking Branches will give you better odds of keeping him occupied on your property instead of venturing onto the neighbor’s property, giving you the best odds of harvesting him.


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