Mock Scrape Kit


The Kishel’s Mock Scrape Kit is amazing. We want to share our secret.

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Try it once and you’ll use it all the time. We have had great success with Kishel’s Mock Scrape Kits and we want to share our secret. Try one of our licking branches with this kit they hold scent better and longer.

Years of research have gone into developing Kishel’s complete Mock Scrape Kit with true odor gland scent communicators.

How it works:

  • Uses Pre-Orbital, Tarsal, and Interdigital Glands
  • Through a specialized process we were able to capture the true essence needed to fool even the smartest of whitetail bucks.
  • Our true odor gland scent communicators have unlimited shelf life and a low evaporation rate so they will be working from your mock scrape 24 hours a day.


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