Our Story

What We Do

Old Goat Outdoors is the maker of Skull Shine® the original and only skull lighting product on the market for both real and artificial animal skulls. We have spent a lot of time developing a skull lighting kit that is easy to install for do-it-yourselfers and professional taxidermists.

Our History

We often get the question – “How did they think of this?” It all came about during Thanksgiving dinner several years ago. An uncle, affectionately known as “Old Goat” for his ability to easily traverse mountainsides at the age of 70, held a light under a European Skull Mount. The light bulb literally ‘went off’ and the idea was born. We all agreed that the lighting really added something special to the mount. It highlighted the skull and gave it a decorative quality.

Over the past couple years we have come across quality hunting and display products that we have used and think are pretty special. Some of these products have really upped our game. We thought hey if we like them maybe you’d like them too. Give them a try all of our products are satisfaction guaranteed.

Who We Are

We hunt, we fish and we love the outdoors. We would rather be outside anytime of the year than inside watching someone else have all the fun.

Our business started with the idea that putting a light in a deer skull made it look like something special. People thought it was a crazy idea, we did too. What we have found is that a lighted skull becomes a conversation piece and a story starter. And what’s better than good conversation.

That crazy idea has led us to search out other products that are unique and innovative. Products that might not be everyday brands but we know they work because we use them and stand behind them.

We will continue to bring you products that are truly different, new and innovative.  

Remember how you felt when someone took the time to take you hunting or fishing? Please take the time to pass the traditions and stories along for generations to come. As always thank you for your business.