Skull Mount Ideas and Locations for Display

Trophy mounts from past hunting seasons are daily reminders of unforgettable memories. The mounts take us back to special moments, distinct places, and even perhaps shared experiences with loved ones. It is for this reason that skull mounts and displays deserve to be exciting and unique. Display locations can be dramatic and add to the appreciation the hunter has for the trophies they pursue. European style or skull mounts can make a tremendous addition to any home. Forethought to displaying your skull mount can go a long way to appreciating the trophy, remembering the hunt, and sharing its story with friends and family. Consider some of these great locations and skull mount ideas to find the fit for your skull mount:

The Trophy Room

Many serious hunters devote an entire room in their home to the memories and trophies of the hunt. If you’ve got the real estate in your house, a trophy room is the perfect place to display your skull mount. Skull mounts lend themselves to unique displays allowing viewing from many angles and directions. Consider creative mounting options using driftwood, wooden fence posts, barbed wire, or barn lumber. Utilizing material that reminds you of the hunt adds detail to a trophy room and skull mount display that last a lifetime.

An End Table

An end table or coffee table in a great room, den, or family room is an excellent place to display your trophy. Designating a central table in a room, or a small table tucked in a corner is a great way to showcase your trophy. When you are deciding on how to display your trophy take into consideration the size of the table and how its build interacts with the shape of your skull mount. Account for the balance of the mount on the table and how to best showcase your prize. Utilizing wool, patterned blankets, or hides as a table cloth can add another dimension of interest and an exciting detail to your display.

Above the Bar

Skull mounts are dramatic and draw attention. Bright white bone and impressive horns, antlers, or tusks make for a great focal point above a bar. Displaying your trophy at your watering hole is a great way to relive the hunt with stories shared with family and hunting friends over a cold drink. Securely mounting your skull trophy directly over the bar in your man cave or wet bar is dramatic and impressive; a fantastic way to enjoy your trophy. Telling the stories of great hunts with hunting buddies who appreciate your trophies and have stories of their own at a bar underneath your European mount is priceless.

In the Office

If you spend time in your own office during the day, decorating with skull mounts in your work space is a great escape. The old adage goes “A bad day hunting beats a good day working.” For outdoorsmen and outdoorswomen, the day to day schedules and time spent at work can take its toll. Being cooped up indoors and away from your passions can be hard to take. Hanging a skull mount from a treasured hunt in your office serves as a reminder of your love of the outdoors and the game you pursue. Keeping your trophy in sight at work can also serve as a reminder that hard work pays off.

Above the Fireplace

Fireplaces and wood stoves are often the center point of the room they are in. Mantels are awesome places to display trophies from seasons past. European style mounts can handle the heat of being near a fireplace or wood stove better than a traditional taxidermy shoulder mount will. If you are fortunate enough to have past sheds from a skull trophy, a fireplace mantel is an ideal location to display the sheds with the skull mount. Displaying one or two years of a deer or elks shed antlers alongside the European style skull mount makes for a dramatic presentation highlighting the hard work and dedication invested in the hunt.

Along a Hallway

Hallways make ideal locations to setup mini galleries for multiple trophies and pictures to be displayed at once. This can be done by utilizing both a narrow hallway table and wall mounting supplies. Positioning European style mounts on a table and on the wall intermixed with huntingpictures, shadow boxes, and wildlife prints creates an impressive space to share multiple experiences at once. Utilizing this space to exhibit a lifetime of adventures, or just one season is a fantastic way to show off your devotion to hunting.

Another idea that you should consider is adding another dimension to your skull mounts. This addition could be lighting the mount up with Skull Shine™. Check it out below!

Skull mounts are a terrific and economical way to display trophies. The simplicity, ease of mounting and elegance of European style mounts has made them popular amongst sportsmen. When you are preparing to display a trophy skull from one of your hunts, present it in a way that takes you back to the joy and fulfillment of the hunt.