Best Species for Lighted Skull Mounts

Skull mounts have always been a staple in the outdoorsmen’s home décor. This slightly cheaper mounting option allows the outdoorsmen to not only display his/her trophy, but express the lifestyle in any room. Skulls displayed in trophy rooms, living rooms, man caves, halls, bars, or anywhere else that needs more of the outdoors in it can be enhanced with one simple addition, Skull Shine™! Lighted skull mounts also create more appeal to any skull mounts, making certain species absolutely terrific for lighting! Here are the top 5 coolest species that make for great lighted skull mounts!


Top 5 Lighted Skull Mounts

5: Your Deer Head

If you like the idea of lighting up a skull mount, the first thing you should try it on is a deer skull mount. Chances are you have several European mounts around the house and garage, no doubt a perfect place to try Skull Shine™. The light will enhance any normal deer skull mount, making it a unique centerpiece in any room, man cave, or office.


4: Bear Skull Mount

Bear skulls are cool enough on their own. However, adding Skull Shine™ allows the details, teeth, and most importantly size to really stand out in any room!


3: Turkey Skull and Lighted Head

Turkey mounts are one of the most popular mounts you might see in a hunter’s trophy room. However, how often do you see a full-bodied turkey mount with a lighted head? Adding a varying level of light, such as red in the video below, brings a turkey’s head back to life as it cycles through various color intensities.


2: Hog Skull Mounts

Hog hunting– any southerners or passionate offseason hunter’s favorite pastime. Hog skulls make for stunning skull mounts, especially skulls with long tusks! Adding Skull Shine™ to these tusks can create a spectacular display of a unique skull mount!


1: Longhorn Skull

The classic longhorn skull is often a centerpiece of any western/country themed bar. However, the simple addition of lights inside the skull can give life to the skull, and the area it is displayed in! The picture below couldn’t be a better example of this!



Whatever the species, a lighted skull mount makes for a great addition to any room! Installing these lights are simple and fast, take a look below!

Upgrade Your Skull Mounts